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SWISSPACER is at the heart of energy saving windows. Warm edge spacer bars insulate the edges of an energy efficient sealed unit. They keep the panes of glass apart and maintain the integrity of the air gap that insulates a building from heat loss through windows.

SWISSPACER Ultimate is the best warm edge spacer bar on the market with the lowest heat conductivity. In official tests by ift Rosenheim of all the leading warm edge spacer bars, Ultimate came top for thermal efficiency. These results were verified by the Warm Edge Working Group and documented in the German Flat Glass Association’s official data sheets of spacer bar values. Additional the certification by Passive House Institut is available here.

SWISSPACER Advance is the best value high performing warm edge spacer bar on the market. Advance provides excellent thermal performance at affordable prices.  

Part of the global Saint-Gobain Group, SWISSPACER is a world leader in product development and innovation.

Case Studies

Passivehouse, Changxing (CN)

Passivehouse, Changxing (CN)

LANDSEA GROUP is the owner and builder of Bruck Changxing. LANDSEA GROUP was founded in 2001 and is focussing on future and green building. Bruck Changxing is the first Passive House certificated by PHI (Passive House Institute) in China. It fulfils the requirements of China Green Building 3 star, German DGNB, America LEED. This Passive house, as a model apartment complex, includes the spacer bar of SWISSPACER.