New automatic SWISSPACER bender from Magden 20 March 2015 Back to news index

Magden Ltd, a supplier and distributor of SWISSPACER warm edge spacer bars, has added new automatic eco brand machines to its list of products.

New automatic SWISSPACER bender from Magden

The ‘ecomac eco spacerbend’ is an automatic bending machine for SWISSPACER warm edge spacer bars and aluminium bars. The automatic bender can produce a wide range of shapes. With Siemens PLC system touch screens and a Panasonic CNC servo controller it can be used with four different dimensions of spacer. It significantly boosts production efficiency in insulating glass.

An automatic desiccant dispensing machine, the ‘ecomac eco automatic-spacerfill’, is also available. It is designed to automatically fill spacer frames of different forms and sizes with desiccant. The two automatic machines can be used together to produce spacer frames with reliable quantities of desiccant quickly and cost effectively.

Jim Smith, Magden Commercial Manager, says: “SWISSPACER has the same external dimensions as traditional aluminium spacer bars so sealed unit makers can use the bar ‘out of the box’ with cut and corner keys on existing machinery or by hand. Now sealed unit makers have another option.

“The new ecomac machines are far less expensive than other machines, making them ideal for smaller manufacturers looking to speed up production time. Used with SWISSPACER it means the best warm edge technology is available to all rather than just to the largest manufacturers.”

SWISSPACER, the UK and Ireland’s leading warm edge spacer bar, offers the best thermal performance and long lasting performance. All SWISSPACER spacer bars are available in 17 different colours and can be substituted for any other warm edge spacer bar.