Swisspacer’s spectacular record breaking growth continues 14 February 2011 Back to news index

After doubling sales in 2010 and a record breaking November, leading warm edge supplier Swisspacer has had a spectacular start to 2011.

Swisspacer’s spectacular record breaking growth continues

January’s sales were almost a quarter of total UK and Ireland sales for the whole of 2010! These January figures smash Swisspacer’s previous record month in November, where sales exceeded two million metres (more than 6.5 million feet).

Swisspacer’s global sales are breaking records too. “To keep ahead of demand, Swisspacer has installed additional manufacturing capacity at its German plant,” explains Peter Appel, International Marketing and Sales Manager. “Further plans for expansion have also been confirmed.”

Kathryn Dalgleish, Swisspacer’s Marketing and Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland, says: “If we continue to achieve record months like November and January then, based on the figures from another warm edge supplier reported in the trade press just before the end of last year, Swisspacer believes it is now the warm edge market leader in the UK and Ireland. Swisspacer is used by many of the largest sealed unit manufacturers, and is popular with companies of all sizes because it can be used on existing machinery. Swisspacer is an easy and quick solution for producing high performance sealed units. And as energy efficiency grows in importance we believe our sales will continue to break records.”