SWISSPACER is ‘smart’ choice 20 October 2014 Back to news index

‘Smart Glass’, the unique new product in switchable glass technology, can switch between clear to frost with the touch of a button. Intelligent Glass, the glass division of ProDisplay Ltd, is the manufacturer of high-performance sealed units with smart glass – all with SWISSPACER inside.

SWISSPACER is ‘smart’ choice

Intelligent Glass has seen a rise in demand for energy efficient sealed units over the past few years. Seventy to Eighty percent of switchable glass technology products are exported to places such as Norway and the Middle East. In these countries energy performance is very important; the climate is either very cold or very hot. SWISSPACER’s thermally-optimised range of spacer bars offer the best performing products for both climates, keeping the warmth inside in colder countries (warm edge) and outside in warmer countries (cool edge). SWISSPACER, the UK’s leading warm edge spacer bar, is designed to achieve the best energy performance in all climates.

Jamie Conroy, Business Development Manager at Intelligent Glass says: “Demand for energy efficient sealed units has grown, so we use SWISSPACER as standard to guarantee the best performing products. Contractors and specifiers are aware of the benefits of warm edge and often ask for SWISSPACER. We’re very happy with SWISSPACER’s performance. It complements our products perfectly.”

Vic De Costa, SWISSPACER Marketing & Sales Manager, says: “We’re delighted that Intelligent Glass has used SWISSPACER in such an innovative new product as Smart Glass. SWISSPACER warm edge spacer bars have the best thermal performance in the world plus long lasting performance and good looks, making it ideal for use in sealed units in any climate.”