SWISSPACER sponsors The Race of My Life project 21 August 2017 Back to news index

SWISSPACER is the ‘Presenting Sponsor’ for around-the-world sailor, Matthias Eigenmann, a participant of the ‘Clipper Round the World’ sailing regatta. The race is described as one of the toughest endurance tests known, with all participants being amateur sailors. Guided by a professional skipper, the team will sail eight legs, and cover 40,000 nautical miles across six oceans.

SWISSPACER sponsors The Race of My Life project

Matthias will sail on the Greenings race team for 11 months covering Uruguay, South Africa, Australia, China, the USA and more. The regatta departed from Albert Dock, Liverpool on Sunday 20th August.

Matthias, who is 36 years old, has grown up sailing around Lake Constance, Zurich, which is next to SWISSPACER’s global headquarters. He has a passion for environmental causes, which is shared by SWISSPACER. Money raised from sponsorship will be donated to ‘The Ocean Cleanup’ project, which is focused on developing new technologies to catch plastic and waste found in the ocean.

SWISSPACER Managing Director Andreas Geith comments: “We’re delighted to be the ‘Presenting Sponsor’ for The Race of My Life sailor Matthias Eigenmann. Environmental issues will only continue to increase if we do not proactively support initiatives, such as the Ocean Cleanup, which aims to target pollution and create a plastic free ocean. Eight million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year! We’re passionate about energy saving, and that extends to our commitment to recycle and reduce waste wherever possible.”  

To find out more about the race, visit Follow @Ultimate_Spacer on Twitter and @theraceofmylife on Twitter and Instagram to see updates from Matthias and his journey.