How does Swisspacer use its own production waste?

We cannot avoid production waste entirely. But we have managed to return some of it to our product, without impairing its quality.

Production Waste Reuse

"What for us at first glance was just product waste from various materials became, upon closer examination, an opportunity for us to re-use it. Together with R&D, we have developed steps that, while they involve more work, deliver huge advantages. We are now in a position not only to make sensible use of our resources by recycling materials, but also to avoid carbon emissions along the entire value chain. This learning curve offered us a big chance to sharpen our awareness of how a sustainable approach works in practice."

The Swisspacer production team

As we know that resources are limited and we have to use them effectively to protect the environment, we have redesigned our waste management system. We have found a solution for integrating our waste back into the production loop.

At the beginning of 2022, we started building up an internal recycling system, since when we have been using some of the waste to manufacture new spacer bars, without impairing their quality. We are committed to further increasing these volumes in the future.  

At the same time, we are working with partners on further exploiting the possibilities of the industrial circular economy.  

We’ll keep at it!