Swisspacer Georgian Bars can be used to manufacture high-quality glazing bar windows that are particularly appealing in terms of their aesthetics. The bars are made from the proven material of the Swisspacer spacer bars and available in 17 colours. They improve not only the look, but in particular the energy efficiency of each window. Because unlike bars made from aluminium, the bars from Swisspacer have a negligible impact on the window’s Uw value.

Key performance data

According to EN 1435-1, a one-off addition of up to 0.3 W/m2K can be applied to the Uw value for metal bars. With the Swisspacer Georgian bar, however, that is not necessary because cold bridging within the insulating glass unit is avoided. This difference can also be illustrated in numbers: With CALUWIN, you can also quickly calculate the Uw values for insulating glass unit with bars very easily online or with the CALUWIN app for iOS and Android devices.

The comparison in numbers


*Swisspacer Georgian bar ψg = 0.040 W/m2K


*Aluminium bar ψg = 0.070 W/m2K

The length-related heat transfer coefficient ψ (Psi) is much lower with the Swisspacer Georgian bar than with aluminium bars, while the negative impact on the window’s energy efficiency is minimised. You can find the actual calculation and much more information in the extensive product brochure.

The energy-saving calculator

CALUWIN is the Swisspacer online tool for determining the Uw values of a wide range of different window constructions for architects and engineers as well as for planners and consultants. Bars can also be integrated during manufacture of the insulating glass unit. Energy savings and condensation levels can also be precisely calculated and compared. Finally, the tool also supplies data on CO2 emissions.


Georgian Bars Sizes

Standard Colours
Standard Colour
similar RAL 9005
Titanium Grey
Standard Colour
similar RAL 9023
Light Grey
Standard Colour
similar RAL 7035
Standard Colour
similar RAL 9016
Light Brown
Standard Colour
similar RAL 8003
Dark Brown
Standard Colour
similar RAL 8014
Special Colours
Beige Brown
Special Colour
similar RAL 1011
Light Ivory
Special Colour
similar RAL 1015
Special Colour
similar RAL 1001
Pastel Yellow
Special Colour
similar RAL 1034
Yellow Green
Special Colour
similar RAL 6018
Opal Green
Special Colour
similar RAL 6026
Brown Green
Special Colour
similar RAL 7013
Grass Green
Special Colour
similar RAL 6010
Red Brown
Special Colour
similar RAL 8012
Saphire Blue
Special Colour
similar RAL 5003
Sulphur Yellow
Special Colour
similar RAL 1016

For processing the Swisspacer Georgian bars, the portfolio also has matching accessories like Georgian bar crosses, end caps and T-connectors. Our field reps or sales office will be happy to advise you on all detail solutions.

The decorative bar: The warm edge solution, which is completely installed in the space between the panes of a lattice window. The Swisspacer decorative bar not only offers a aesthetic solution, but also optimizes the energy efficiency of lattice windows.

Decorative Bars

The bars with curved design are available in black, white and gray.

Decorative Bars
Suitable for every window and style of architecture.
Wide range of colours
Weíße Abstandhalter und weiße Sprossen - perfekte Optik für diese restaurierter Fenster

The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for the Swisspacer Georgian bars supplies reliable data on the environmental impacts of the products.