Window manufacturing with warm edge

With Swisspacer you increase the value of your windows and your customers save on heating costs.

Swisspacer spacers are an extremely important component of energy-saving windows and improve the energy efficiency of the entire building. The low thermal conductivity of our warm edge spacers significantly reduces energy losses at the edge of the glass. This results in lower heating costs and financial savings for your customers. With a low carbon footprint, Swisspacer also helps reduce the production emissions of insulating glass units - improving the overall building balance. This plays an essential role in complying with building environmental regulations and meeting the standards of a wide variety of building sustainability rating systems.

Calculation of energy savings with CALUWIN

With the CALUWIN calculation tool, Uw values, condensation loss and energy savings can be quickly calculated and concretely compared. This helps you find the best window for your customers!

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Optimize your Uw value


With the Swisspacer warm edge, you can easily improve the Uw value of your windows. Your customers save heating costs and you are already prepared for future energy-related building regulations.

Architecture with SWISSPACER

Swisspacer lowers the carbon footprint of your windows

Environmental regulations that no longer focus only on thermal performance, but on the analysis of the entire building life cycle, reinforce the importance of life cycle assessments for window manufacturers. However, an ecological building assessment requires the right data basis. With our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for Swisspacer spacers and Georgian bars, we provide reliable data on the environmentally relevant properties of our products. And these are significantly better compared to aluminum or even hybrid spacers! With Swisspacer, you choose a spacer that not only leads to CO2 savings during use in the window - but that already has the lowest CO2 emissions in your window compared to other spacers on the market.

Increasing living comfort with Swisspacer


Swisspacer helps to keep indoor temperatures at the edge of the glass pleasantly warm in winter. This prevents the formation of condensation and it reduces the risk of mold and bacteria growth. An important prerequisite for a healthy and pleasant living atmosphere. A study by the Passive House Institute confirms: The choice of a suitable spacer has a major influence on thermal comfort.

Aesthetics for your windows

In addition to their excellent performance and carbon footprint, our spacers are also the best choice for achieving a high-quality and coherent design of your windows, down to the smallest detail.


With 17 different colors, we have a wide color selection. From our standard colors of black, titanium gray, white and brown to special colors like grass green, sapphire blue or pastel yellow. We offer the right design for every window construction.

Swisspacer INSIDE

The "Swisspacer Inside" label helps you sell energy-efficient windows. It indicates that they are equipped with particularly energy-efficient spacers. We would be happy to provide you with the label for your marketing!



The use of Swisspacer leads to multiple benefits for your glass products - and thus for your customers. We support you with our knowledge and various marketing tools to promote these benefits to your customers.