Transition Energy Policy

8% Study: Energy Transition

Small component - big effect for the energy turnaround

Less energy consumption - less CO2 emissions: the three building types examined in the study save 183 and 137 kg of CO2 respectively on their 156 m² of living space in Germany and per year - if high-quality plastic spacers are used in the windows instead of aluminum spacers. The savings in building heating energy are 8.6 percent for the triple-glazed low-energy house, 5.6 percent for the double-glazed low-energy house and 22 percent for the passive house. 

In Germany, there are around 42 million homes in residential and non-residential buildings. The share of space heating in total energy consumption in Germany is enormous: it is around 27 percent. The study by the Passive House Institute examines the savings per building. We are currently calculating what concrete contribution the warm edge can make to the energy turnaround. Just come back and take a look!