Sustainable Construction

Small steps to greater sustainability

Our changes for more energy efficiency

Swisspacer pursues systematic energy management as required by ISO 150001. Accordingly, we implement various energy efficiency projects, while regular audits confirm our progress.

Changes in Production

We constantly seek potential to improve our energy efficiency and quickly implement measures. For example, compressed air systems and enclosures have been optimised, and we have also fully converted to LED lighting and PIR sensors.

Warm Edge


  • Reducing the CO2 footprint by reducing the weight of our packaging

  • Improving upstream transport and reducing packaging by increasing the silo capacity

  • Improving transport emissions

Efficient Logistics
"Sustainability is a way of thinking that helps us pursue an approach that conserves more resources and is more respectful. Greenhouse gas emissions and the exhaustion of natural resources are a consequence of the consumption of fossil fuels, but are also directly influenced by the production processes. With the help of our committed employees, we are continuously changing the way we work, in order to achieve climate-neutral industrial production."

Matthias Bach, CEO

Water consumption

  • Constant monitoring of water consumption and reporting on the water footprint of the facility

  • Reducing water consumption per end product and maximum recycling of water consumption in manufacturing


Circular economy and recycling

  • Identifying possibilities of the circular economy

  • Increased reuse of production waste

  • Increased recycling of materials

  • Increasing the proportion of recycled and organic material in the packaging

Production Waste Reuse