Warme Kante-Abstandhalter SWISSPACER ADVANCE


Warme Kante-Abstandhalter SWISSPACER ADVANCE

SWISSPACER ADVANCE is the warm edge spacer bar with the particularly good ratio of price to performance. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, it contributes to the high energy efficiency of every insulating glass unit. Compared with conventional metal spacer bars, ADVANCE delivers much lower Psi values for especially good Uw values of windows and façades. The higher temperatures at the glass edge prevent the formation of condensation and mould, while the CO2 savings support sustainable window and façade construction.

Not to mention how SWISSPACER also impresses in terms of technology and looks: The high stability of the hollow profile creates an extraordinary degree of parallelism in the frames, while the installed gas and water vapour barrier made from aluminium protects against gas loss and penetrating air humidity to ensure a long service life of the insulating glass units. The matt surface prevents reflections; thanks to the 17 different colours available, the insulating glass unit can adapt to the appearance of any window.

Key performance indicators

For a quick comparison, the Psi values for SWISSPACER ADVANCE and ULTIMATE are shown here for different window designs, as are comparative values for conventional spacer bars. CALUWIN enables exact calculation of the Uw values and offers many other functions.

Window system

1.4 - 1.3 W/m2K

1.2 W/m2K

Wood / aluminium
1.4 W/m2K

1.6 W/m2K

Glazing Double | triple insulating glass unit*
Aluminium spacer bar 0.082 | 0.089 0.076 | 0.078 0.094 | 0.100 0.110 | 0.120
Stainless steel spacer bar 0.053 | 0.054 0.051 | 0.050 0.059 | 0.060 0.068 | 0.064
SWISSPACER ADVANCE 0.039 | 0.037 0.039 | 0.037 0.042 | 0.040 0.047 | 0.042
SWISSPACER ULTIMATE 0.031 | 0.029 0.032 | 0.030 0.032 | 0.030 0.036 | 0.031

*  double insulating glass unit: 4-16-4 (Ug = 1.1 W/m2K) |
   triple insulating glass unit: 4-12-4-12-4 (Ug = 0.7 W/m2K)
   Source: ift Rosenheim WA-08/3 (Arbeitskreis Warme Kante / Warm Edge working group)

The energy saving calculator

CALUWIN is an online tool for determining the Uw values for a wide range of different window constructions for architects and engineers as well as planners and consultants. Energy savings and condensation levels can also be specifically calculated and compared. Finally, the tool also supplies data on CO2 emissions.

Dimensions and Colours

SWISSPACER offers the right width for every need.


6,5 mm


8 mm
10 mm
11 mm
12 mm
14 mm
15 mm
16 mm
18 mm
20 mm
22 mm
24 mm
27 mm
Standard Colours
Standard Colour
similar RAL 9005
Titanium Grey
Standard Colour
similar RAL 9023
Light Grey
Standard Colour
similar RAL 7035
Standard Colour
similar RAL 9016
Light Brown
Standard Colour
similar RAL 8003
Dark Brown
Standard Colour
similar RAL 8014
Special Colours
Beige Brown
Special Colour
similar RAL 1011
Light Ivory
Special Colour
similar RAL 1015
Special Colour
similar RAL 1001
Pastel Yellow
Special Colour
similar RAL 1034
Yellow Green
Special Colour
similar RAL 6018
Opal Green
Special Colour
similar RAL 6026
Brown Green
Special Colour
similar RAL 7013
Grass Green
Special Colour
similar RAL 6010
Red Brown
Special Colour
similar RAL 8012
Saphire Blue
Special Colour
similar RAL 5003
Sulphur Yellow
Special Colour
similar RAL 1016
Suitable for every window and style of architecture.
Wide range of colours
Weíße Abstandhalter und weiße Sprossen - perfekte Optik für diese restaurierter Fenster
Sample Box


SWISSPACER offers matching accessories for stable frames of top quality.

90° Eckwinkel Drahttechnologie
90° corner key with wire technology
Flexibler Eckwinkel
Flexible corner key
90° Gas-Eckwinkel
90° gas corner key
90° Gas-Eckwinkel (ohne Loch)
90° gas corner key (without hole)
Linear connector


Whether manually, using bending systems or a welding robot – the SWISSPACER spacer bars can be easily and efficiently processed into stable frames.


The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for the SWISSPACER spacer bars ADVANCE and ULTIMATE supplies reliable data on the environmental impacts of the products. Also learn how using our spacer bars contributes to an even more sustainable insulating glass unit!