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A holistic concept

We stand for high-quality products that meet the requirements for function and performance – without negative impacts on the environment and people.

Reducing carbon emissions and minimising the need for resources – that comes right at the top of the agenda in the construction industry. With a product portfolio to match, manufacturers and service providers in the industry have the opportunity to play a key role in achieving these targets. After all, the degree of sustainability of construction products will increasingly influence the position of their suppliers. 
As a player in the construction industry, we see it as our responsibility to make the building sector more sustainable and to minimise negative impacts on the environment and people. With our warm edge spacer bars, we make an important contribution to this: our products increase the energy efficiency of windows and façades, which reduces CO2 emissions and raises people’s levels of living comfort and well-being.

With our holistic approach, we consider four aspects of sustainable construction. Energy efficiency and the reuse of materials are only part of the picture. The high quality and performance of our products are also essential for sustainable construction because they ensure a long service life and a high rate of use. However, a sustainable building culture also has a social dimension that focuses on the health and well-being of the occupants. 

Learn more about our contribution to sustainability below.

"We have set ourselves the goal of addressing the challenges of a more sustainable world. With the excellent CO2 performance of our products, we support our customers in improving their environmental footprint."

Francis Cholley, Managing Director

Francis Cholley

Better for the environment

We want not only to create more sustainable solutions for our customers, but also to make our production processes and our entire supply chain as sustainable as possible. Amongst other things, we continuously monitor our own emissions in order to reduce waste as well as water and energy consumption. 

Energy and CO2

Improving our energy efficiency is an important lever. In the balance sheet, energy sources also play an important role alongside energy consumption. We have therefo