Die originale Warme Kante

What is a warm edge?

Die originale Warme Kante

The term warm edge describes the glazing edge of a mutli-pane insulating glass unit, in which the spacer bar between the panes of glass is made from a material with low thermal conductivity. That helps to reduce the thermal bridge from inside to outside – thus saving energy and avoiding the formation of mould on the glass edge.

Why you should opt for a warm edge in a window instead of aluminium products

A small but effective component of every modern window is a so-called warm edge spacer bar. The spacer bar creates the physical contact between the panes of an insulating glass unit and is therefore decisive for a window’s thermal performance as a direct connection between indoors and outdoors.

In contrast to products made from aluminium, warm edge spacer bars like Swisspacer are made from a highly insulating plastic composite material that minimises the loss of heat. Although the choice of spacer bar has an enormous impact on the energy efficiency of a window, aluminium spacer bars are still in use. That has a fatal impact on heating bills because metal is just about the best conductor of heat there is.

Did you know that you can save up to 8.6% on heating energy and 340 kg of CO2 per year if your window contains Swisspacer?

SWISSPACER - Der Abstandhalter ist das Herzstück eines jeden Fensters

Modern insulating glass units with warm edge

To achieve high thermal performance, multi-pane insulating glass units are used in windows as a rule. At the glass edge, spacer bars maintain the distance between the panes. The spacer bar thus defines the width of the so-called cavity between the panes. This is frequently filled with noble gas, in order to further improve the energy efficiency of the insulating glass unit.

If this spacer bar is made from materials with a low thermal conductivity, it is referred to as a warm edge. The warm edge is therefore optimised in terms of its thermal insulation, in order to minimise heat loss across the edge of double or triple glazing.